Spanish Level Test, determine your Spanish language skills for a Spanish course in Madrid

spanish level test

Spanish Language Level Test

On this page you will find:

A) Info about how =elemadrid= evaluates the Spanish level of the students for the Spanish course in Madrid.
B) A quick Spanish test for you to get an idea of your current level right now!

A) How =elemadrid= evaluates the Spanish level of the students

The evaluation of the students Spanish language level is a 2-step-process:

1. Preliminary distance Spanish level test. After formal registration you receive a written Spanish language test by email, which takes about 30 minutes to fill out. You then return the completed test to =elemadrid=. This first test helps the school to organize the class assignment before your arrival.

2. Definitive Spanish level test in Madrid. The first morning at =elemadrid= you will be given a more extensive written test and a short oral test (which consists in a short conversation with teachers). Based on this test you will then be placed in the appropriate class.

B) Take 5 minutes for a Spanish test

=elemadrid=, Spanish language school in Madrid, Spain is offering a short and basic Spanish language test.

If you find yourself wanting or needing to learn Spanish language
and don't know the level of your Spanish skills, answer the 10 questions below, and you will get an idea of your approximate Spanish level.

Take the Spanish test now:

1 Have you studied Spanish for more than 2 years?
2 Have you spent more than 2 months living in a Spanish speaking country?
3 Can you communicate with native speakers on a basic level, get your point across and get the gist of what they're saying?
4 Do you have an understanding of the regular and irregular verbs in the present tense, but feel unsure in the past and future tenses?
5 Do you understand the structure of the language, but just wish you could communicate better?
6 When you receive phone calls can you understand well enough to respond and make yourself understood?
7 Can you read and understand the story below? ---> la luna y el sol
8 Do you think you could summarize it in Spanish verbally?
9 Do you speak to people at work in Spanish on a fairly regular basis?
10 If you found you were right in between the two levels, would you prefer to be the least prepared in the group and push yourself over taking it from the beginning in order to review and be sure that you had the basics?
Your Spanish level - if you have answered 'yes':

- to half or less than half of these questions, you belong in a beginner class.
- to over half of these questions, you belong in an intermediate class.
- to all of the questions you belong in the advanced class.

Diagnostic test partly by Expanded Learning

La Luna y el Sol (Anonimo)
La Luna y el Sol vivían desde hace mucho tiempo en la Tierra. El Sol era ardiente y la Luna bastante fría. Y por esta razón los dos no se entendían bien.

Cierto día la Luna tomó la decisión de separarse de su compañero el Sol. Buscó una soga bien larga y subió al cielo para caminar por allí durante siglos y siglos. Un día el Sol se preguntó con curiosidad: "¿Qué está haciendo la Luna en el cielo? ¿Qué cosas maravillosas habrá visto?".
Y se decidió a hacer lo mismo que la Luna, trepar por una soga al cielo y quedarse allí para siempre. Pero arriba en el firmamento continuaban enojados.

La Luna no quiso caminar con el Sol y escogió entonces la noche para sus correrías, dejando el día para el Sol.

Pronto la Luna se aburrió de caminar sola y sin compañía. Se acordó de una buena amiga, una campesina, con la que siempre se reunía en la Tierra. Y una noche la llamó y le dijo:
"Oye, querida amiga, ¿sabes que el firmamento es como la Tierra, un gran terreno de sembrado? Echa los fréjoles que guardas en tu casa como semillas al cielo y verás cómo crecen".

Y la buena amiga echó los frejoles que tenía en todas direcciones. Pero, ¡qué sorpresa! Antes de nacer y echar raíces, los fréjoles se encendieron la primera noche en el firmamento y desde entonces continuaron encendiéndose todas las noches.

Los fréjoles se transformaron en estrellas que acompañan desde entonces a la Luna en su recorrido por el cielo.

Despite only having attended courses for 2 weeks, I found that I made significant progress during this time. The intensive course was demanding and required a fair amount of effort outside of the classes, but it is time well spent...

Leo, 1961, IT Specialist, Germany, 2 weeks

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