Spanish grammar book, Spanish lesson companion, for all levels and all Spanish lessons

Spanish Grammar Book edited by =elemadrid=

This is the first edition of the Spanish grammar 'Gramática Lola' written by our Spanish teacher Dolores González.

Lola stands for:

L - lógica (logical)
O - original (original)
L - ligera (easy)
A - actual (up to date)

Gramática Lola, our in-house Spanish grammar reference book, provides the basis for linguistic structures and rules for our Spanish courses. It's clear, quick and easy to understand.

Spanish lesson companion covering the essentials of Spanish grammar for all levels.

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Gramática Lola......your easy Spanish grammar book

Designed and written by Dolóres González (Madrid), edited by =elemadrid=

- The most practical theory
- To learn Spanish and not to study Spanish grammar.
- A visual approach to Spanish grammar.
- Instant understanding with minimum explanation.

- For ALL Spanish lessons and ALL levels
- And also for Spanish teachers E/LE.

- Including general references to Latin American variants
- With a few extra blank pages for your personal notes

Spanish grammar Gramática Lola: Table of content

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