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Shanne Soulier

Marketing and Advertising
Course Date:11-2009
Taking the word of a reference only, I had no idea what to expect. My only expectation was to obtain a strong gasp of the Spanish language. As a marketing and advertising professional, I understood how easy it can be to make something look and sound great on the Internet and on paper. However, when I arrived to =elemadrid=, what I found was a language school that truly represented what it promoted; a teaching staff of attractive professors who were prepared, extremely patient, helpful, and understanding. A professional facility with tools to help you excel in your personal and professional language goals and an administrative staff, especially Anette, who was always eager to answer questions and ensure your experience at =elemadrid= and Madrid is exceptional.

Naomi Davis

Course Date:11-2009
=elemadrid= was an excellent school. I felt that the teaching was great and the curriculum made sense and progressed well. I particularly appreciated the chance to speak in a small class setting, to practice my speaking and listening skills.

Derek Isetti

Speech therapist
Course Date:8-2009
English, Spanish
The quality of the teaching staff at elemadrid is incredible. Saying goodbye after 3 weeks was extremely difficult because I had begun to think of the staff here as family. The teachers here possess the perfect combination of knowlege, kindness, and humor to make the learning process as smooth as possible. I cannot recommend elemadrid enough!

Robert Roe

TV/Film production
Course Date:5-2009
I had a great experience for seven weeks at =elemadrid=. I found it very challenging but rewarding. It was my first time back in school in decades which made it even more difficult. I found the teachers and other students very supportive and I plan on returning for more classes soon!

Kate Greswold

Course Date:5-2009
This is a special and unique school for people over twenty who want to put time into learning but need some flexibility. The teachers are excellent, experienced and make the classes interesting. The standards are very high and the teachers are professionals who care about their students' progress. I highly recommend Elemadrid.

Dawn L. Williams

Medical Student
Course Date:5-2007
ask =elemadrid= for contact
I came to =elemadrid= to improve my Spanish and the time I spent was invaluable. Language cannot be learned by a book, etc; you only truly learn it via immersion and interaction. I will leave Madrid with more confidence in my abilities than I had on arriving. I loved the enthusiasm and energy that the teachers brought to the classroom; that made all the difference! I hope to return again.

Jessica Infanger

Course Date:5-2007
=elemadrid= is a wonderful program. The staff is incredible and the quality of teaching is unsurpassed. The atmosphere is fun and the activities are extremely informative, up-to-date and interesting. I highly recommend =elemadrid= to anyone looking for a solid program for learning Spanish, experiencing the culture and meeting great people from all of the world.

Thomas Quinn

Course Date:5-2007
I started as an absolute beginner. One month is not sufficient to become even competent in the Spanish language. However, with the help of your instructors and the course material I feel that my abilities in the Spanish language have been jump started and that I know what I need to progress. In general the experience was fun and very helpful.

Rachel Ellis

Course Date:5-2007
The classes were excellent as well as the professors. Last June I learned a lot of Spanish. This year was even better! I´m fortunate that I had the opportunity to study French (in Paris) as well as Spanish here at =elemadrid=. I would recommend =elemadrid= to anyone. In fact, I did. My girlfriend joined me this year for classes at =elemadrid=. I think it is the best language school in many ways. The professors are helpful and active in the learning process. Lo mejor!

Ann Jackson

Course Date:5-2007
The =elemadrid= school experience has been excellent! The teachers are very enthusiastic, professional, intelligent and fun to interact with. The classes are well planned and they make the student want "more". Living with a family from Madrid has been extremely rewarding - I have shared normal life experiences and challanges while living with my family. The program deserves *****!

Leslie Robison

Social worker
Course Date:4-2007
My experience at =elemadrid= was wonderful. The teachers were very helpful, as well. I definitely improved my grammar and ability to speak Spanish.

Mark Fontaine

Course Date:3-2007
The =elemadrid= program exceeded my expectations! I took morning classes which were very interactive. Although they were group classes, the teachers knew me individually. The afternoon immersion activiteies were especially helpful. Always entertaining and clear, conducted all in Spanish. Last, the staff here is uniformly friendly, informed and upbeat. Everyone was all a pleasure to work with.

Mackenzie Neal

Course Date:2-2007
I enjoyed my whole stay here. All of the teachers were very personable and made the classses very interesting.

Jack Burt

Course Date:2-2007
I worked hard, learned a lot and had a lot of fun.

Elaine Joachim

Course Date:11-2006
I would highly recommend the =elemadrid= program for anyone who wants to improve their ability with the Spanish Language and who wants to have a rich experience in Madrid.

Mario del Pilar

US Government Employee
Course Date:11-2006
I had a most wonderful and fulfilling learning vacation. It was also very educational and memorable, thanks to the very professional, friendly and attenture staff of =elemadrid=

John Berry

Course Date:11-2006
The whole program is excellent, and I am recomending it to friends in my area.

"...I have also been impressed by the additional activities organised, in particular the "Rainbow Immersion Activities", surprisingly accessible, even to beginners with very little Spanish. I've had a fantastic time and would definitely come back..."

Helen, 1972, Doctor, UK, 3 weeks.

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