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Spanish courses - Activities week 28

The learning success of every Spanish course abroad is directly linked to the amount the students speak Spanish out of class in real life conditions.

See below the after school learning activities of the current week and experience how easy it is to speak Spanish!



1949 was the year of "Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller. That year, "Historia de una escalera", the work of Antonio Buero Vallejo, sentenced to death and finally pardoned, managed 187 performances despite being partially censored during the Franco dictatorship.

The theater is a mirror reflecting the society. We offer a historical overview of the theater in Spain. How was theater before and during the civil war? And during the dictatorship? How is the theater today?

"Theater is one of the most expressive and useful tools for building a country." Federico García Lorca.

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This week Jordi will visit us, an interpreter for deaf persons and one of the responsible of CILSEM, the coordinating committee of interpreters of sign language in Madrid.

We will talk with Jordi, among other things, about the hearing-impaired in Spain, how the sign language works and how a sign language interpreter lives and works in Madrid.



The National Museum Reina Sofía Art Center is in the heart of Madrid and next to the Prado and Thyssen Bornemisza, the so-called triangle of art, the largest cultural attraction in Madrid.

With =elemadrid= you will have a Spanish class in the halls of this museum, dedicated to art of the twentieth century! We will analyse the history and personality of three Spanish artists: Picasso, Miró and Dali, who together with their paintings (El Guerrnica, for example, is the most valued and a global symbol), will give us the opportunity both to practice Spanish and to know more about the Spanish culture.

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Every Thursday, the students have the opportunity to eat with the teachers of =elemadrid= and continue practicing Spanish. This week we go to a typical Madrilenian tavern very close to the school. You can check the menu of the day at school!

Madrid, besides having its own traditional dishes, is a city where you can easily find the great variety (do not only reduce it to the Valencian Paella and the Andalucian Gazpacho!) of the Spanish cuisine.




In =elemadrid=, you have the opportunity to discuss and analyse the great films of the Spanish cinemas.

This week, Hable con ella, by director Pedro Almodóvar, a drama of 2002 that won, among many other awards, the Oscar for the Best Original Screenplay, a nomination for the Oscar for the Best Director Pedro Almodóvar, the Golden Globe 2002 for the Best Foreign Movie and the Césars 2002 for the Best Movie of the European Union.

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