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Anne Loken

Senior advisor
Course Date:5-2007
ask for email at =elemadrid=
Please contact me to find out more about my experience at =elemadrid=!

Björn Haaland

Course Date:4-2007
I have enjoyed my stay at =elemadrid= very much. The school has a friendly atmosphere with a nice and clever staff. In addition I found the extra activities in the program "Practice Immersion" very interesting - as a "real taste of Spain".

Arne Olav Loeng

Course Date:5-2006
Programmet war godt tilpasset en nybegynner. Grunnleggende gramatikk ble gjennomgitt, men hovedvekten ble lagt på samtaletrening. Meget inspirevende lærere.

Practice Spanish program!
A comprehensive cultural approach to Spain.
The part you miss when studying Spanish at home

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