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Naomi Davis

Course Date:11-2009
=elemadrid= was an excellent school. I felt that the teaching was great and the curriculum made sense and progressed well. I particularly appreciated the chance to speak in a small class setting, to practice my speaking and listening skills. 5

Mary Pease

art specialist
Course Date:11-2009
English, French
Thank you all so much for arranging my working holiday! A special thank you to my teachers: Arantxa, Conchita, Ainhoa and Javier...who never goes home! You all put so much energy and enthusiasm into your work (as well as being wonderful teachers). I am full of admiration for your commitment. This is my second visit to =elemadrid= for a week. I hope to return soon. What a wonderful school! 5

Shanne Soulier

Marketing and Advertising
Course Date:11-2009
Taking the word of a reference only, I had no idea what to expect. My only expectation was to obtain a strong gasp of the Spanish language. As a marketing and advertising professional, I understood how easy it can be to make something look and sound great on the Internet and on paper. However, when I arrived to =elemadrid=, what I found was a language school that truly represented what it promoted; a teaching staff of attractive professors who were prepared, extremely patient, helpful, and understanding. A professional facility with tools to help you excel in your personal and professional language goals and an administrative staff, especially Anette, who was always eager to answer questions and ensure your experience at =elemadrid= and Madrid is exceptional. 5

Anne-Claude Perrin

Course Date:10-2009
Spanish, Swiss
Tuvo una semana de cursos de grupo (en realidad eramos dos, qué lujo) excelentes con los profesoras competentes y muy simpáticas. Todo funcianó perfectamente en la escuela (acogida, situación de la escuela, espacio en los lugares, ordenadores a disposición, ambiente muy agradable, tema de los cursos adaptados a cada uno). Y la opción Rainbow me enseño mucho de la cultura española. 10/10! 5

Mark Murphy

Telecomms Technician
Course Date:10-2009
As always, attending =elemadrid= is a quality experience. The teachers work hard at helping you to improve your Spanish in a friendly and supportive way. The activities organised for the evenings are methodically researched, and I am always impressed by the enthusiasm of Javier in delivering the presentation or explaining the historty of a film. All the staff are friendly, competent and helpful! 5

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