Spanish for International Relations and Diplomacy Program

The International Relations and Diplomacy Program was introduced by =elemadrid= due to the high demand by governmental organizations and NGOs. The program is particularly targeted at employees of embassies, chambers of commerce, and other international organizations. Amongst our clients are diplomats and employees of the American embassy, French embassy, Swiss embassy and Dutch embassy. Students of all levels are welcome although an intermediate level of Spanish is strongly recommended. The =elemadrid= Program characterizes itself by the following features.

> All courses are adjusted and tailored to the individual needs of the student or institution
> Students fluency in written and spoken Spanish remains our main primary objective
> All teachers are specially trained in the field
> Curriculum and discussion topics developed with the assistance of well-known IR academics
> The academic value of the programme is increased by a weekly presentation of well-known guest speakers.
> Strong participation by the students is required for maximum efficiency. Our experience shows that the course relies on the in-depth subject knowledge of its participants. Hence, materials provided by the students can not only be included in the course but are very welcome.
> All discussed topics provide a broad overview of the subject, and special emphasis is put on vocabulary and grammar.
> A combination of group and individual classes is strongly recommended for optimal learning.
> Our main strength is our strong focus on current cultural, political and economic issues. By combining the course work with the rainbow activities our students acquire strong theoretical and practical knowledge of the subjects, fostering an understanding of the underlying causes of international affairs.

Below an example of the structure of the program and a few possible topics:

A. Introduction to IR

1) General concepts of IR (Realism, Pluralism, Globalism, etc)
2) International Society
3) Internationals Political Economy (IPE) classic theories/ Contemporary Debates
4) New issues in IR

B. Introduction to Diplomacy

1) The Role of the state (Interest, Concerns, Intelligence, Political Actions etc)
2) Diplomatic Tools (Diplomatic strategy and techniques, Diplomatic Negations)
3) Diplomatic skills (Advocacy, Agency, Reporting and Analysis, counsel.etc)
4) Diplomatic conduct

C. International Organizations

1) Definitions and history
2) Classification and structure
3) Role and Function of international Organizations
4) History and functions of the United Nations

D. Current cultural, political and economic issues

1) Spain
2) Spain in the World
2) Latin America

Additional intellectual input and materials by professionals within the field are always welcome. Please mail your suggestions to


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