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This page is divided in 6 sections:
2-Entry day
3-In class
4-Learning goals
5-Discovering Madrid
6-Latest references

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 Esta semana =elemadrid=

Vea lo que está pasando en =elemadrid= cada dos semanas. Todos nuestros programas están diseñados para favorecer la motivación de los estudiantes en clase, en las actividades extra-escolares y durante las excursiones del sábado.

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2-Entry day

Now it's summertime and as usual new students arrive at our school weekly. Every Monday during the presentation the new students receive quite interesting tips to improve Spanish learning the best they can.
This time there are people from Lebanon, Japan, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, USA and Italy.

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3-In some classes
One of the interviews during Rainbow immersion was..a magician!! He told us how he started doing magic tricks when he was younger and how it got to be his full-time job.

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He obviously also did some magic tricks that were really great, we had quite fun talking with him.

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The other weekly interview in =em= was with a film director who runs a film-school for children and teenagers from 8-19 years. He showed us some trailer he was presenting at film festivals and he told us how he had the great idea to open a school to teach the art of film making to children and young teenagers.

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4-Discovering Madrid

The excursion we've done this time was to the 'Retiro' Park. It's great to walk in this park and get to know it's story with the warm temperature of Madrid.

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I am Ivan, the new responsable for the ''This Week'' section of the =elemadrid= website. I'll be updating this section every one-two weeks. If you have any suggestion you can write me to:

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