Learning Spanish in Spain with =elemadrid=

Spanish courses in Spain, Madrid. Language study and immersion programs in a small school.

Course and learning program focused
on small classes and intensive lessons.

Learning Spanish in Spain

Located in the center of Spain's capital Madrid our Spanish language school offers a wide variety of Spanish courses for adults. =elemadrid= also provides tailor made and intensive Spanish language courses for professionals and Spanish teachers.
All Spanish lessons are designed for small groups or private tuition and carried out through a carefully dosed and motivating immersion into the Spanish language and culture.
In addition you may join a unique program of Spanish culture classes: 'Rainbow Immersion' & Spanish art seminars, Spanish dances & theme based leisure activities or participate on fascinating weekend excursions.
Spanish courses start every second Monday. Join at any level year round.

spanish classes in madrid

General information about our Spanish school

Minimum age: 20 years.
School open: Monday - Friday
from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm
Courses from 2 to 16 weeks.
Max. capacity: 50 students.
1 lesson = 50 minutes. .
Ask former students about their
experiences at =elemadrid=!
References on our website.

Class size

small group = max. 7 students
mini group = max. 4 students
private lessons = 1 student

Five tuition levels

Initial, Elementary,
Lower & Higher intermediate,


Books, Magazines, Videos
Multimedia | Cafeteria
Internet / E-mail / Phone / Fax

Spanish for adults

5 different Spanish courses,
standard or intensive, with or
without private Spanish lessons.
1, 4 or 7 students in a class.

Spanish for business

in medcin, law, business, etc.
Highly recommended: Spanish
courses C with 5/10 individually
tailored private lessons.

Spanish for teachers

Tailor made 1 to 1 workshop
providing didactical & pedagogical
preparation for teaching Spanish
as a foreign language.

Spanish language courses & culture classes

Course fees 2011

Type Spanish lessons per
week and class size
Euro / week
Spanish for adults / professionals
As 20 lessons in a group
of max. 7 students
A Course As
+ 10 culture classes
Bs Course As + 10 group
lessons max. 4
B Course Bs
+ 10 culture classes
C5 Course As
+ 5 private lessons
+ 10 culture classes
C10 Course As
+ 10 private lessons
+ 10 culture classes
P 1 Private lesson
general or job related
P10 10 private lessons
+ 10 culture classes
P20 20 private lessons
+ 10 culture classes
P30 30 private lessons
+ 10 culture classes

Cultural integration - practice Spanish

It is an integral part of all Spanish courses. It is the practice oriented component of your language vacation. It offers insights into Spanish customs, culture, art, economy and society. The following 3 inter- active performences are held after regular Spanish classes three times a week and included in the price of all Spanish language courses.
Characteristic personalities (eg. actor, TV-speaker, flamenco dancer, university professor, taxidriver, foreigner, gipsy, bullfighter, etc.) come to =elemadrid= for presentations. It is an excellent opportunity for direct contacts with Spaniards and to experience how they live, work and think.
Spain today
These classes offer qualified information and practical experiences in a number of selected areas of contemporary Spain's culture, politics and economy (eg. history of Spanish language, local products: safran, olive oil, kork; fashion in Spain; Spanish film industry; and more).
Discover Madrid
Guided tours provide insights into the Spanish culture, history, art, and economy (eg. the Royal carpet manufactury, tapa restaurants, modern/old Madrid, bullfighting training center, police station, local markets, typical high school, Flamenco school, Prado art museum, etc.).

What's included in the price - A reference - Spanish conversation

Included in the price

Individual consulting service
Textbook and materials
Rainbow immersion
Conversation with Spaniards
Placement & progress tests
Performence monitoring
Self study supervision
Use of facilities 11 hours
daily Monday - Friday
Smart incentives
Creativity competition
Free e-mail account
Free internet access

Not included: accommodation
Registration fee

What others say

I picked =elemadrid= from a
choice of about 30 schools
that I found on the www. They
offer the most comprehensive
and professional package that
is genuinely hard to fault. They
are head and shoulders over
the other schools I visited
when making my choice. I have
really enjoyed studying with
them for 4 weeks and would
highly recommend them.

Edward P. 29 years old

Meet Spaniards

After regular Spanish lessons or
over the weekend you may
want to improve your
conversational skills.

Free conversation with Spaniards:
waiting for you to contact them.
You will share the time between
your and their mother tongue.
Check out our list of names.

Spanish art - Leisure activity courses - Fascinating excursions

Spanish art seminars

After regular Spanish lessons
and on weekends our
art teacher organizes:
Painting classes,
Visit to a painter's studio,
Guided art excursions:
Prado art museum,
Guggenheim museum Bilbao,
Toledo, Ciudad Real etc.

Leisure activities

Spanish cuisine
Tasting Spanish wines
Spanish dancing classes
Photographing in Madrid
Fashion Design
Pottery and ceramics
Holistic Therapy

Weekend excursions

Guided weekend tours:
To other cities: Granada, Burgos,
Sevilla, Alicante, Barcelona, etc.
To the countryside: an excellent
chance to visit rural Spain with
its little picturesque villages.
Hiking tours: a unique opportunity
to discover the beauty of
nature ... and quietness.

Lodging options - Starting dates

small school - WIDE HORIZON

1. Adult environment - stimulating learning atmosphere.
2. Dedicated school - committed customers.
3. Free individual & comprehensive consulting service.
4. Learning Spanish through carefully dosed immersion.
5. Sparkling cross cultural language approach.
6. Spanish for professionals: medicine, law, business etc.
7. Teacher training workshop for teaching Spanish as a
foreign language
8. Unique insights into the Spanish culture & customs.
9. Choose your individual & favourite accommodation.
10. References: Ask former =elemadrid= students.


Prices in Euro per week and person
Family: 200 - 290 Euro
Hotel: 294 - 1050 Euro
Apartment: 425 - 1450 Euro
Apartment-sharing: 150 - 240 Euro

Course dates 2011

Courses start every second week
Jan. 3, 17, 31 May 9, 23 Sep. 12, 26
Feb. 14, 28 June 6, 20 Oct. 10, 24
Mar. 14, 28 July 4, 18 Nov. 7, 21
Apr. 11, 25 Aug. 1, 15, 29 Dec. 5, 19, 26

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Learning Spanish in Spain
Spanish for professionals, executives and demanding adult learners
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