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Why Madrid

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Madrid is a vibrant city, densely packed with social cultural and business opportunities, open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Madrid is a modern urban center with a dynamic society that has not forgotten how to enjoy life. Good infrastructure including exemplary public transport provides comfortable mobility. Madrid's subway is one of the most modern and efficient in Europe.

geographical hub

Situated 600 meters above sea level on the Meseta plain it is the highest capital of Europe, located virtually in the geographical center of the Iberian peninsula, with all destination in easy reach.
The Sierra Guadarrama mountains, only 5 Euros and 50 minutes by train from the city center, offer a rural contrast and a variety of leisure activities close by.

Historical background

In Madrid you are in the capital of a major European nation, extremely rich in History, with an impressive cultural and artistic heritage, once a power, now an open Mediterranean society leaving behind the consequences of a 40 year dictatorship.

Cultural hub

Madrid, considered a very secure city, attracts tourists and business people alike. The center of economic activity in Spain, the city bursts with life, diversions and infinite entertainment.


The climate is extremely dry, with spring and fall temperatures hovering around 24C (75F), summer temperatures up to 35C (95F) and winter temperatures between 5-10C (40-50F).

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