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Exclusively dedicated to teaching Spanish to demanding adults (average age 30) and professionals from around the world who choose to learn Spanish in Spain at an intensive pace but more efficiently. =elemadrid= has a special focus for adult students who want to maximize their typically limited time availability. We have designed courses and cultural activities to provide proper fundamentals for the long run.

Dual focus

Dual focus approach boosts students operative skills in classroom activities as well as in after school learning activities with guided practice sessions integrated in the curriculum. =elemadrid= students leave the language school Madrid with more than an improved level of grammar or ability to express themselves in Spanish. They gain new communication skills, socio-cultural awareness. They learn something about Spanish and Latino-American culture as well as about themselves and their appreciation for a more relaxed way of life.

Guided practice

Practice Immersion, the most outstanding of adult Spanish immersion programs enables students who come to learn Spanish in Spain and study Spanish culture abroad to continue their immersion in the language while learning more about history, geography, Spanish culture and people. It is accessible to beginners with very little Spanish. For those who wish to learn more than just Spanish language skills, Practice Immersion offers many opportunities to absorb and explore the culture of Spain task based learning settings, providing first hand contacts and a genuine taste of the Spanish speaking environment.

Several course types

Students at =elemadrid= can choose from a variety of options to suit their language needs, from general Spanish language courses in Spain, in small groups (4-8 students), one-on-one, or a combination of both, to a more specialized Spanish language course in Spain for professionals.
Our medical Spanish courses are designed for healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurses or social workers.
Our Spanish teacher training courses focus on didactic know-how and require solid Spanish skills before signing up.
All Spanish courses at this Spanish language school Madrid are designed to provide students with grammar and cultural knowledge of Spain as well as creating for them opportunities to practice their Spanish in and outside of the classroom.

"The school was extremely professional in the way they dealt with issues, problems, and giving information. All teachers made students feel welcome. Beatriz was exceptional!..."

Roxann, 1962, Marketing, USA, 6 weeks.

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