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Spanish courses in Spain - Dual Focus Methodology

..Las Torres Kio, Madrid.
Las Torres Kio, Madrid.

Dual Focus - Double Input

With =elemadrid= you learn INSIDE & OUTSIDE of class.

You learn more because you learn better.

Unlike more traditional Spanish language schools in Spain your language training with =elemadrid= gets boosted by professional input from two sides: State of the art classroom study is complemented on a daily basis by a program of fascinating learning events designed to make you practice the language you are learning in real Spanish environment.

Besides consolidating your language skills in a relaxed and fun way you develop a feeling for Spain, and continued interaction raises your confidence and motivation to learn more.

The programs at our Spanish school in Spain are complementary of each other. Our Spanish courses are intensive, addressed to business people and professional adults of all sectors looking for a quality language institute.


Concentrated classroom study is essential for success

Adult learning atmosphere, classes are lively, varied and efficient language learning sessions.
Sound traditional methods combined with the latest findings in language acquisition.
All classes follow an accelerated and intensive rhythm. Regular independent study is an integral part of the course. Emphasis is put on motivation, variety and interaction.

A language class at =elemadrid= will include a combination of:

Classroom study main features Comments
1. Small classes (2 -8 students) = High degree of personal attention
2.Sound traditional methods combined with innovative findings on language acquisition. Emphasis is on motivation, variety and interaction.
3.Two teachers per group One for grammar study & one for functions, conversation & exercises.
4.=elemadrid= Gramática Lola Students receive our Gramática Lola(edited in- house) along with our colorful ring binder to store their support material and exercises.
5.Accelerated and intensive rhythm For all classes. Regular independent study is an integral part of the course. The main goal is the improvement of operative skills.

Classroom methodology

We are specialists in organizing lively, varied and efficient Spanish courses in Spain for adults. The objective of the classes is both linguistic and socio-cultural. Quality structured grammar study, exercises, games, reading texts, role play and teamwork are the fundamental components of a class. We emphasise motivation, variety and interaction. The daily standard course timetable consists of two blocks of 100 minutes(each lesson= 50 min.): The first block, focuses on grammatical structures and vocabulary and the second (always related to the first), on exercises, functional language and conversation. Our Spanish classes also have a socio-cultural thematic approach and intend to bring you closer to Spain, Madrid and its people for a better overall understanding of the culture.


Rainbow ImmersionTM is both culture and language learning in one.
A complete study abroad program fully integrated in the curriculum. Didactic support material is provided with each excursion.

Rainbow main features Guided practice benefits
1.Conferences about Spain 1.Builds up confidence and fluency
2. Field activities in Madrid 2.Raises motivation and curiosity
3.Interviews of local people 3.Boosts volume of language use
4.Didactic movies/TV sessions 4.Develops the fun side of learning
5.Lunch with teachers 5.Bridge to the Spanish speaking world

Cultural classes' methodology

Practice Immersion was conceived to enhance students' learning of the Spanish language and culture through a series of didactic activities, in the field, with local people, in their environment, at work or at home. Conferences and interviews give students the opportunity to listen and talk to Madrileños, thus getting first-hand insights and gaining valuable cross-cultural knowledge. Interacting with Spaniards on a daily basis, provides students with a variety of options to apply the language they've studied in class through grammar and conversation. Friday lunch provide students with the opportunity to socialize with their teachers while practicing Spanish in an informal environment.

"A wonderful school for professionals and serious students.First class teachers, materials and classrooms..."

Susan, 1954, 4 week.

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