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Spanish school Spain: A typical day

Mornings at =elemadrid=

When What usually goes on
08:30 Students arrive at school, have coffee and chat before class.
09:00 Grammar class. Students join their groups in the classrooms.
10:40 Coffee break: time to check e-mail and have coffee/tea.
11:00 Conversation class (different teacher). Emphasis is on communication through guided conversations about socio-cultural Spanish themes.
12:40 End of class (or break time for those taking a combination of group and private classes). Most students stay on, to check e-mails, catch up on their classmates latest news or make plans to meet later for drinks and tapas etc..

afternoons at =elemadrid=

When What usually goes on
13:30 to 19:00 Private classes (vary based on teachers availability).
Mondays - Fridays Rainbow ImmersionTM offers different activities regularly, starting at +/- 16:00(1h30 to 2 hours)
Thursdays Lunch with teachers in a nearby restaurant for more practice.
After class students do their own thing. They often stay on to check their e-mail, do homework, use CD ROMs, watch Spanish movies or consult travel guides.
8:30 to 20:00 =elemadrid= is open until 20h00. Students are encouraged to use the facilities for studying in the afternoon.

"I attended morning and afternoon classes for two weeks. The location of the school is excellent and can be easily accessed from different parts of the city."

Tara, 1976, Teacher, UK, 2 weeks

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