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In addition to its Spanish courses for adults and professionals =elemadrid= offers a tailor-made one-on-one workshop to provide Spanish teachers with the appropriate didactical and pedagogical preparation for teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

The Workshop

Target Public: Experienced or inexperienced Spanish teachers teaching Spanish as a foreign language in non Spanish speaking countries.
(Please note: We are not specialized in training Spanish teachers of children below the age of 12 years. This requires different pedagogical techniques).
Level: Training Spanish teachers for tuition of all levels from beginners to advanced.
Duration: Minimum 2, maximum 4 weeks.
Content: - Comparing a variety of teaching methods, historical aspects, and contemporary tendencies.
- Analysing your students' needs, how to capture their interest, and techniques to unify diverging student profiles in a classroom.
- Teaching strategies, sequential order of tuition material covering all aspects of Spanish grammar.
Teaching materials: most popular and recent textbooks review.
- Creating and compiling your own tailor made class support materials.
- Cultural and other pragmatic input in language classes.
How to use technical and other learning support instruments.
After course: Included in the Spanish teacher training workshop is a free professional consulting support once back at your job.
Structure: Teacher Training Workshops (TTW) at =elemadrid= are built on an individual basis. To start with, we will send you a questionnaire and a pedagogical task to resolve. After evaluation of your specific needs we propose you a personalized and detailed curriculum of your TTW.
Please note: All communication regarding TTW is handled in Spanish.

You may choose between the following TTW:
T2 (standard) 2 daily individual Spanish lessons
T3 (intensive) 3 daily individual Spanish lessons

Registration includes free participation at the 'Rainbow Immersion Activities'.
Registration: A. Please contact =elemadrid= by phone, free phone contact, or e-mail.
B. We provide full information and references.
C. Before formal registration we mutually agree on the schedule in terms of time.
D. After payment of a deposit of 625 Euro you will:
E. receive a questionnaire and a preliminary task form by e-mail or mail.
F. Please answer the questions, resolve the task and return them to us.
G. We study your profile and contact you to negotiate the specifics and the date of your TTW curriculum.
H. At this stage you are ready to join Madrid.
Time limits: Please apply at least one month before the course starts
Prices: T2 20 private lessons in two weeks: 1560 EUR.
T3 30 private lessons in two weeks: 2190 EUR.
Included: A. Detailed evaluation of your objectives.
B. Study of your profile and design of a specific curriculum.
C. Spanish language Tuition Textbook and materials.
D. Performance monitoring and Certificate.
E. Spanish culture classes (Rainbow Immersion), Intercambio / professional colleagues.
F. Use of facilities Monday through Friday: 8.30 am to 8 pm.
G. Use of multimedia (video, tape, PC, and Intranet).
H. Free internet access.
I. Post-course consulting


A reference

Reference: Anne Hamilton, Canada; Teacher; Year of birth: 1946; 2 weeks at =elemadrid= e-mail:

It wasn't nearly enough time. However the teaching staff was of the highest caliber (and I'm a teacher so am critical!). Actually my whole experience (accommodation included) was superb. I admire and appreciate the administration for their attention to the needs of all students.

"I found the course excellent and a great preparation for the diploma. The teachers and organisation were extremely professional. I met a great group of people..."

Ciara, 1975, Marketing Manager, 2 weeks.

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Far from being the biggest
- by far the best
"Habiendo realizado un taller para formación de profesor de espańol en =elemadrid= durante dos semanas, sólo me cabe resaltar la gran profesionalidad y la habilidad de la enseńanza ...".
Junpei, 1969, Supervisor, Japan, 2 weeks.
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