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=elemadrid= human resources' policy is to hire its Spanish Language teachers exclusively on a long term basis. Since 1996, the year =elemadrid= was founded, several new native Spanish language teachers have joined the team. What they have in common besides their dedication, is their commitment to well coordinated and innovative teaching in their classes. Our teachers enjoy a high degree of autonomy allowing them to continually improve on the content and quality of the Spanish courses they have developed over the years. In teachers circles of Spanish schools Spain they enjoy a high prestige. They are a tight team aware that in the eyes of students they represent the company. They feel proud to be part of =elemadrid=and everyone of them contributes with their individual talents to the success of the school.

Spanish language- Our teachers are all Spanish language specialists dedicated to their profession and their students.

Helena Javier Maria B. Nuria Raquel Patrizia
Zay Arantxa Roberto Ainhoa María A. Pierre


Helena is Head of Formal Classroom Teaching. She has been one of our core staff members at =elemadrid= since its creation in 1996. Since 2000 she has been in charge of Spanish language culture at the school. She created from scratch a program called: Practice Immersion. She is known for her incredible energy, communication skills and her sunny disposition. Helena graduated from the University Complutense de Madrid, with a degree in Spanish language history and linguistics. She later earned a Masters degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. She is very knowledgeable about Spanish history, culture, and Spain's society.

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María A.

Maria has been with =elemadrid= since it was founded in 1996. She graduated with a degree in Spanish language teaching from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and a Masters degree from the Universidad Nebrija de Madrid. She is dedicated and passionate about didactics and is continually working on new teaching material for use in class. Maria has taught Spanish to adults for many years in various schools in Spain as well as abroad. She taught Spanish at the University of West Indies in Jamaica for two years and enjoyed it tremendously. Her students appreciate her excellent teaching skills and her fine sense of humour!

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Maria B.

Maria B. is a dynamic, communicative and outgoing teacher and not to be confused with Maria A.! She graduated from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, but spent 1,5 years of her studies in the South of Great Britain. This gave her the oportunity to get to know more about the English culture, which she claims to be one of her interests. Furthermore she loves to travel and has visited South America. Maria knows English as well as some Russian and French. She has experience in working with executives.

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He is from Valladolid, known as the city where the best Spanish is spoken. He earned a Masters degree in English literature at the University of Valladolid. A visit to the Edinburgh Theater Festival in 1995, turned into a three year long stay and a valuable Spanish teaching experience in Scotland. Javi loves literature, cinema and theater. His dynamic personality and creativity did not go unnoticed, only two years after joining =elemadrid= staff in 1999, he teamed up with Helena to develop the Rainbow Immersion program. Javi and Helena are continuously looking for new approaches and themes to bring better insight into Spanish culture. Delivering a quality educational cultural language immersion is the main goal of the program.

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The young and innovative teacher earned her teaching degree at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Arantxa also has a degree in history, so that it´s not surprising that she´s interested in the Spanish history and very knowledgeable about this topic. She is working with us since summer 2006 and her interest in Spanish literature and art enrich her classes as well as her creative style of teaching.

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Due to oriental roots (she is half Egyptian half Spanish), she earned a degree in Arabic Philology at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She is a young, motivated and multilingual teacher. She speaks Spanish, Arabic, English as well as some Italian and French. Zay´s experience in teaching is very broad, she has worked, for example, as a teacher in Cairo, Egypt. In her spare time she likes to enjoy good food, to dance and to travel.

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He is born in Milan, Italy in 1970 and started studying political science there. Some years ago Roberto came to Madrid through Erasmus to study abroad for a while. This “while ago” turned into 10 years by now and he has worked in many fields, mostly in contact with books, for example: Libraries and publishing companies. Right now he´s working with =elemadrid= (in the office) and is in charge of the Italian and French correspondancy. In his free time Roberto likes to travel and read.

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Pierre is the Director of =elemadrid=, which he co-founded in 1996 with his wife Patrizia and other partners. As a Swiss citizen he grew up in an environment where foreign language learning was deeply rooted in the local mentality. He graduated from the University of Zurich with an MA in Modern languages. After working for several years for a multinational Editorial Agency in Switzerland, he took a sabbatical to study Spanish in Madrid. It was the starting point for the creation of =elemadrid=. You can usually find Pierre in his office working at the computer. He is continually creating and improving on many aspects of the school, following the same line since foundation of =elemadrid=: it's got to be the best Study Spanish Abroad Program for adults in terms of quality and innovation. If you see him outside of his office, he is usually rushing to meet with the teachers or grab a quick coffee.

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Patrizia is Pierre's wife, mother of their 17 years old son Ivan, and adviser in school matters. She helped build the business and works as Assistant Head as well as Director of Studies. She took a break for a couple of years to pursue other interests, such as ceramics and jewellery making courses. She enjoys being involved in the overall running of the school offering support to teachers. Patrizia is Swiss German of Italian descent. She grew up and studied in Switzerland where she taught German as a foreign language to adults. She speaks Italian, German, Spanish, English and French.

"The best thing about =elemadrid= for me is the high standard of teaching combined with a real studying (but fun)environment."

Nicholas,1977, student, UK, 4 weeks.

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"A wonderful school for professionals and serious students.First class teachers, materials and classrooms..."

Susan, 1954, 4 week.

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"We learned so much. Our teachers were great. They were true grammarians."

Andrea, 1960, Marketing Analyst, USA, 2 weeks.

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"... The listening and understanding was most difficult. The whole staff, teachers, director, all were patient, understanding and helpful. I would study with =elemadrid= again in a heart beat."

Irene, 1933, Realtor, USA, 3 weeks.

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"I found the course excellent and a great preparation for the diploma. The teachers and organisation were extremely professional. I met a great group of people..."

Ciara, 1975, Marketing Manager, 2 weeks.

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"The school was extremely professional in the way they dealt with issues, problems, and giving information. All teachers made students feel welcome. Beatriz was exceptional!..."

Roxann, 1962, Marketing, USA, 6 weeks.

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"... =elemadrid= is very professional in every way . The method of teaching and the staff are excellent. I stayed with a family recommended by =elemadrid= and this was very good and met my requirements perfectly."

Jack, 1928, Retired, UK, 2 weeks.

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"...teachers are geard towards adult learners. The Rainbow Immersion element is excellent, it helps to understand more about Spain, more Spanish and..."

Philip Hurst, 1959, NHS Manager, UK, 2 weeks.

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"I attended morning and afternoon classes for two weeks. The location of the school is excellent and can be easily accessed from different parts of the city."

Tara, 1976, Teacher, UK, 2 weeks

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Language is like music, it is not only a matter of the mind but also of the heart. =elemadrid= shares this philosophy by providing solid training through class/school/work and through a wide range of out of school activities... "

Ernesto Luis, 1958,Securities Banker,USA, 4 weeks.

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"...I have also been impressed by the additional activities organised, in particular the "Rainbow Immersion Activities", surprisingly accessible, even to beginners with very little Spanish. I've had a fantastic time and would definitely come back..."

Helen, 1972, Doctor, UK, 3 weeks.

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