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=elemadrid= is a Spanish language school in Spain dedicated to providing the best possible services. Our students are demanding. You will come to our Spanish school with very high expectations. Our aim is to be even better than you expect.

A professional environment

=elemadrid= is a medium-size Spanish school in Madrid. Besides its fine location, in one of the most beautiful parts of the city, =elemadrid= is a different kind of Spanish teaching school. Started in 1996 from scratch, it quickly built up a reputation as one of the best Spanish language institutes in Spain and Latin America. Friendly, informal but nonetheless highly professional, =elemadrid= is under Swiss management. The teachers are, without exception, native Spanish speakers and specialists in the teaching of Spanish to international adult learners.

A distinctive program

Its dual focus program distinguishes =elemadrid= from other language schools abroad. The Spanish immersion program (Practice Immersion) is innovative in its content as well as its presentation. Time spent outside the classroom is considered an integral part of the Spanish learning program. Students continue practising Spanish after leaving the classroom. They are highly encouraged to capitalize on their study abroad experience by socializing with Spaniards and taking advantage of opportunities to meet people, shop, dine, participate in leisure activities in Spanish. In short, live Spain to the fullest.

A prime choice

For its prime location, its size, adult atmosphere, well designed programs and high standard teaching =elemadrid= is an ideal place for those seeking an efficient Spanish course in Spain closely interlinked with Spain's culture and people.

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