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Our students are of all age groups, students and professionals from around the world looking for a serious Spanish language course in an adult environment in Spain. They are professionals of all sectors: Lawyers, doctors, dentists, biologists, airline personnel, architects, computer programmers, bankers, journalists, retired people, university teachers, students, engineers, writers etc. (the list is extensive), all dedicated to getting the most out of a study abroad experience.

Quality and professionalism

Our clients value quality and professionalism. They come to do a Spanish language course with us in search of a professional learning environment in which their peers are adults like themselves, serious about studying Spanish. They also come to Madrid to enjoy themselves during their free time, however their primary goal when signing up with =elemadrid= is to acquire or improve their language skills in order to communicate in Spanish in their jobs or travels in Spain and Latin America. Whether on a sabbatical, in between jobs or on a short vacation learning quickly but nonetheless efficiently is the main objective of their visit.

Demanding professionals

They choose =elemadrid= out of a large number of schools offering Spanish language courses in Spain, for its professionalism and dedication to providing the best learning experience by helping students use all the language input, possible, inside and outside the classroom.. Students are treated as responsible adults and given a range of options to choose from to help them compose their learning menu. They also appreciate the choice of housing available.

"I did a short course of individual lessons and would highly recommend =elemadrid= for anyone serious about their Spanish learning. The school impressed me by its professionalism at every stage..."

David,1964,Investment Banker,UK, 2 weeks

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Spanish language

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