Spanish immersion

Spanish Immersion: Excursions to Historical Sites

Enjoy historical sites, Mediterranean climate and mentality in one of the beautiful towns spread around capital Madrid. With changing focus, art, gastronomy, architecture, nature, history and of course Spanish language, they all have a lot to offer and no town in Spain lacks a Plaza Mayor with inviting cafés. =elemadrid= organizes tours outside Madrid every Saturday. Practice your Spanish in a relaxed holiday atmosphere.

 Spanish Immersion

For a reasonable price (between 25 and 55 Euros) you get a lot to see, you learn about people and places, you deepen the feeling for the different culture. You will have a tour guide during the whole day, and all our excursions include a booklet providing local background information and language support. It's a totally relaxing kind of Spanish immersion.

The tours go usually from 10 am to 8 pm, participants being exclusively students of =elemadrid=. See the following sample list of destinations below. Note: Excursions can only be booked in Madrid.

Alcalá de Henares

You should not miss a visit to the town of Cervantes, one of the big writers of world literature and milestone of the Spanish language on it's long way to one of the most important languages of the world. Which destination could be more prominent for Spanish immersion?
·Known for its famous University and the Cervantes literature prize.
·Visit the house of Cervantes: author of Don Quixote de la Mancha.
·Laredo Palace is only one of many treasures of this historic city.


Need some quiet time to relax? Take a train to Aranjuez (1 hour).
·Enjoy a pleasant walk in the gardens of past Spanish kings' summer residence.
·Feel like picking strawberries? Hop on the "Strawberry Train" and enjoy!

 Excursions Historical


·Quaint village near Madrid known for its 73º proof anis liqueur.
·Famous Plaza Mayor hosting bullfights and performances of all kinds.
·Visit village and museum ending with moonlight dinner on the illuminated Plaza


Cuenca and the enchanted city

. Famous for its hanging houses on the edge of canyons.
. Scenes form the movie: "Conan the Barbarian" were shot here.
. Close by: La Ciudad Encantada, a curious geoloqigal rock formation.

Escorial and Valle de los caídos

·Pantheon of former Spanish kings was built under rule of Felipe II (XVI)
·Beside it, El Valle de Los Caidos, huge Palace built for Franco's (XX)
·Two palaces, built for two important men in the history of Spain.


·You'll fall in love with the golden city(color of stones used in its construction)
·A World Heritage city: It houses the oldest university of Spain (1218)
·Find the hidden frogs sculpted on the façade of one of its buildings! It's quite a challenge for Spaniards and foreign visitors alike!


·Declared by UNESCO World Heritage city for its historic monuments; The roman aqueduct, the fortress and the cathedral where Isabel the catholic was crowned.
·From the highest tower of the Alcazar you will get a wonderful view of the town and the hilly desert like landscape.


·"City of the three cultures": Jews, Muslims and Christians left their mark on this quaint town perched up on a hill and surrounded by a fortress wall.
·You will be enchanted by the picturesque narrow streets filled with history in every stone of its monuments, buildings and paths.
· The Cathedral, the monastery of San Juan de Los Reyes and the Synagogue are only a few of the monuments that will take you back to a time of peaceful cohabitation between the three cultures.

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