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Mary Pease

art specialist
Course Date:11-2009
English, French
Thank you all so much for arranging my working holiday! A special thank you to my teachers: Arantxa, Conchita, Ainhoa and Javier...who never goes home! You all put so much energy and enthusiasm into your work (as well as being wonderful teachers). I am full of admiration for your commitment. This is my second visit to =elemadrid= for a week. I hope to return soon. What a wonderful school!

Mark Murphy

Telecomms Technician
Course Date:10-2009
As always, attending =elemadrid= is a quality experience. The teachers work hard at helping you to improve your Spanish in a friendly and supportive way. The activities organised for the evenings are methodically researched, and I am always impressed by the enthusiasm of Javier in delivering the presentation or explaining the historty of a film. All the staff are friendly, competent and helpful!

Greg Oke

Course Date:9-2009
=elemadrid= was such good fun. I feel I have really learnt a lot from the classes and the very friendly atmosphere in which you are immersed. I would like to come back again. Thank you all so much for an enjoyable stay!

John MacLeod

Bank Manager
Course Date:5-2009
Elemadrid is a fantastic school for those people like me coming to a new language as a complete beginner. The teachers covered a lot of ground in the two weeks of my initial visit. The course covers both the grammar and conversational aspects and I could clearly see progress being made. The teachers were very clear and always positively encouraging all the students. The course was very intensive but you do come away with a real sense of fullfilment and a desire to build upon what you have learned here. The cultural programmes enhance learning and are a must for all students!

Renate Cornelius

Course Date:3-2009
English, German
For me, what made =elemadrid= different from other language schools I attended in the past was that besides small class sizes, individual attention and excellent tuition of the grammatical intricacies of Spanish, students were guided to explore and discuss in some depth subjects of topical interest - for instance: - the impact of elimatic changes upon the environment, - various forms of "green" energy - advantages / possible drawbacks etc. to name but a few. The multi-faceted "Rainbow Immersion" programme was more than just an introduction to Spanish culture - it provided opportunities to "interview" native Spanish-speakers from different walks of life (e.g. a famous Mexican Chef, a flamenco dancer) which was a good test of one's comprehension of rapidly spoken Spanish!

Laura Kennedy

Course Date:6-2007
The classes were vibrant and interesting with enthusiastic teachers and informative material. In four weeks I learnt more than I had done living in Spain nine months!

Jeremy Booker

Web Marketing & Design
Course Date:5-2007
8 weeks in the school. I arrived with "una cerveza por favor" and now i can "charlar" with anybody. Not perfectly, of course, but pretty fluently. Was happy with the teachers and happy with the results. ”Vamos! Venga.

Nick Hall

Call centre manager
Course Date:5-2007
The course far exceeded my ecpectations. In 8 weeks I have achieved skills in communication orally and written. The whole experience was amazing. From say I felt at ´home´. Continuous encouragements from staff and fellow students made this a memorable worthwhile event. My time at =elemadrid= has inspired me to continue and I very much look forward to my next stay here!

Simon Edwins

IT support analyst
Course Date:3-2007
When I decided to take a Spanish course in Spain I searched on the internet to find possible locations. =elemadrid= was one of about 5 schools I found that looked promising. I didn´t visit =elemadrid= prior to choosing my course, though I did visit one of the others. What convinced me to come to =elemadrid= was that the courses are designed for adults, apecifically those that need to learn a significant amount of Spanish in a short period of time. I would highly recommend =elemadrid= to all levels of Spanish learners. The school itself is well located and all the teachers are fully qualified Spanish tutors. You are always kept well informed from the moment you inscribe to when you leave. The immersion activities are very well designed and the teachers are so emphusiastic about teaching them that it would be impossible not to enjoy them. =elemadrid= may not be the cheapest option, but it is excellent value for money!

Annie Hicks

Course Date:1-2007
Excellent. Great location, small classes, friendly staff and a genereally high standard of teaching. Possobily the best part was the practie immersion programme - a wide variety of topics (see website) to inform you about Spain, the Spanish and their culture. My advice: go on your own, sign up for everything, do a couple of hours homework per day, make new friends, discover Madrid - and of course, improve your Spanish!

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