Group Discount

What is the Group Discount?

When couples, friends or partners register simultaneously for a Spanish course, they are entitled to benefit of the GROUP DISCOUNT. The group discount applies to the course fee only.

The bigger the group, the bigger the course price reduction:

Number of people who register simultaneously: 2 3 4
Reduction on course fee: 10% 15% 20%


If 3 friends register simultaneously for a 5 weeks Course A the course fee is reduced by 15% to 935 EUR (instead of 1100 EUR, which is the normal price for 5 weeks Course A). And note: The 3 friends also benefit of the group discount if their courses start at different dates!


- All courses must be booked at the same time.
- The discount applies to courses of identical duration only
-not necessarily the same course type, and
-not necessarily the same course date.
- Cancellations are possible but the group-discount offer will be void.
- Please read Terms & Conditions before booking.
- The Group Discount is cumulative with Seasonal Promotion only.

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