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Accessing Spanish cinema and TV in a weekly media session

All our Spanish immersion programs contain as many real-life approaches and components as possible. The weekly media session will train your listening and story comprehension. This Spanish language program is fun and will familiarize you with cultural contents of the Spanish speaking world.

Informative Spain has a respectable film industry with major echo far beyond its borders. Who are the main directors and actors and what do their movies represent?
Exposure to Spanish The weekly media session is a relaxing way to broaden exposure to Spanish language and enter Spanish culture through another door. If possible, the tutor will choose a title related to other cultural activities of the week.
1. presentation The tutor presents the film of the week giving the necessary background information and story line.
2. short interruptions Short interruptions during the film ensure max. comprehension
3. Summary + debate After a short break, tutor and students sum up the film together and have a debate.
DURATION In total, approx. 3 hours.
Note: At =elemadrid= you will find a large number and a broad selection of different kind of videos for you to watch on an individual/daily basis: movies, documentaries and tourist videos presenting cities or areas of Spain.

All Spanish language courses contain also other media related learning settings such as various conferences focusing on topics like print media in Spain, TV and Spanish movie directors.

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