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If you study Spanish abroad you can test your knowledge related to Spanish language and culture on the spot. Our weekly conferences, along with your Spanish course, provide fascinating information regarding numerous aspects of modern Spain. Read here to get an idea of the great diversity of themes addressed weekly.

History of Spanish Language

We will explore in depth but in a fun way the origin, the evolution and the influence of other languages on Spanish vocabulary. The different invasions through out history have definitely left an imprint on the Spanish language. Words can tell a whole lot about what went on in a country.

Vocabulary Taboo

We'll teach you without censorship, insults and colloquial swearing expressions. We are offering you a different perspective to know and understand Spanish society. Spaniards love to argue and do swear a lot. Hearing them for the first time could be quite chocking. Taboo Vocabulary is used relatively frequently in the everyday Spanish language. Be prepared!

Study Spanish abroad implies tasting Spanish Gastronomy

You cannot study Spanish abroad without getting a real feel for the country's gastronomy, in theory and practice. You will find out all about the basic products used in Spanish cooking, and also what makes it different and/or similar to other Mediterranean cuisines. The practice part comes with the tasting of sample dishes from different regions of Spain. Once you know what's behind all those strange names and you taste the dishes, you are ready to use our suggestion list of where and what to eat in Madrid.

ETA and the Basque Problem

We'll give you the keys to understanding the single current phenomenon which worries Spanish people: ETA, the terrorist group which originated in the Basque Country in the 1950's. Terrorism doesn't preoccupy Spaniards on a day to day basis but is nevertheless a delicate issue, discussed by all whenever it makes the news.

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