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For the preparation of their Spanish classes =elemadrid= teachers have access to all the learning material available on the market. Additionally, they develop their own manuals in school, when the material available on the market does not cover =elemadrid= requirements.

See below an overview of the in-house developed learning materials.

Spanish grammar
Gramática Lola
Teachers background material:
Topics in classroom
Healthcare professionals:
Medical Spanish

Rainbow Immersion:
Field Activities
Rainbow Immersion:
Student's material:
Practical ring binder

Gramática Lola

GRAMÁTICA LOLA, Our in-house Spanish grammar reference book, provides the basis for linguistic structures and rules. It's a clear, quick and easy to understand summary of the essentials of Spanish grammar for all levels and an indispensable reference companion. Gramática Lola is available in advance on request.
Click Introduction to Gramática Lola to view broader presentation of the manual.

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Topics in classroom

For intermediate levels =elemadrid= Spanish teachers have created booklets focusing on thematic aspects of modern Spain: Fashion industry, Sport, language of love, Immigration, the agriculture sector etc.. They contain information, data and conversation incentives.

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Practice Immersion: Field activities

These manuals provide the adequate learning support for all Practice Immersion guided excursions. They are language learning tuned booklets offering background, practical information, Spanish vocabulary, references, exercises and more.

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Practice Immersion: Conferences

Practice Immersion weekly Spanish conference is a format to provide students concise and founded information of a topic regarding modern Spain. For every conference there is a written version available, offering further references etc.

gramática lola

Medical Spanish

This Manual developed by =elemadrid= teachers serves as a basis for professionals of the healthcare sector seeking to improve their communication skills when dealing with their Spanish speaking patients.

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"We learned so much. Our teachers were great. They were true grammarians."

Andrea, 1960, Marketing Analyst, USA, 2 weeks.

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