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Learn Spanish live by interviewing Madrileños in Madrid. Read here about interview sessions in =elemadrid= to get an idea of the great diversity of guests and topics presented weekly in the Practice Immersion Program.

To learn Spanish just talk with Spaniards

Learn Spanish: talk with a cook

While Pablo prepares for us a special dish we will talk to him about his training and the work conditions of a Spanish cook. He'll let us in, on some culinary secrets, will tell us about wines, Spanish haute cuisine, Mediterranean diet and give us some practical recommendations.

Learn Spanish: talk with an ex-political prisoner

Angustias is an eighty year old woman who volunteers for an Association of Ex Spanish civil war officers. She was in jail for eight years during Franco's ruling. A fascinating tale reminds us of Spain's darkest era and its consequences.

Learn Spanish: talk with a female bullfighter

Miriam is a young Madrilenian studying in Madrid's Bullfighting School. We will learn about the world of bullfighters, their training, experience, fears and wishes. A peculiar trade guarantied to raise a discussion.

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