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Why =elemadrid=

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=elemadrid= was founded in 1996. Although relatively new, it has managed to make its mark in the sector.

It is considered by discriminating adult professionals as the best Spanish language school in Spain and possibly Latin America. It offers an extensive selection of Spanish courses, a unique cultural activity and immersion program, and a large choice of housing options to suit individual needs.

=elemadrid= is located in the heart of Madrid on one of the most fashionable streets, near Puerta de Alcala and beautiful Retiro park.

Top quality courses taught by highly qualified teachers in a privileged environment in the capital city of Spain are in a few words the main reasons for choosing =elemadrid=.

Prior to booking

What students notice and appreciate before booking:
1 General organization of the school and availability of the staff
2 Prompt response to inquiries in a very professional manner.
3 Informational e-mail sent within hours and excellent follow up communication: individualized and prompt.
4 Students receive advice on which course to select according to information they provide about their language needs and their level.
5 Students' level is evaluated, before through a distance placement test and reassessed on the first day through a written test and an interview with three teachers
6 Students' wishes and personality are taken into account for housing recommendation(adjustments are made whenever necessary)

Once in =elemadrid=

What students notice and appreciate once in =elemadrid=:
1 Staff and teachers' high level of professionalism.
2 Friendly teachers, well prepared and specialized in teaching adults.
3 Adult students (35 years old in average) with similar learning issues.
4 International professionals (mix of students from at least 10 nations)
5 Excellent teaching with individualized thought and attention applied to each student learning needs.
6 Rainbow Immersion program facilitates comprehension of every day Spain through well thought out and organized activities accessible even to beginners.

What we provide

1.Our teachers were carefully selected from the very beginning. After a very extensive search =elemadrid= chose three people who would later become the core and pillars of the teaching staff. Maria, Helena and Lola. As the school and its reputation for excellency grew, six more teachers gradually joined the team.

2.Our administrative staff reflects the image of the school , they are friendly, professional and efficient. They respond to future students' requests for information promptly, offer advice on courses and accommodation and a lot more.

3.Our facilities are well equipped and offer everything you need to make your learning stay comfortable and efficient. Free access to internet, travel resources, books, magazines, videos and DVDs etc.

Program options and Practice Immersion

1. A wide selection of Spanish courses to choose from and possibilities of combining them with private lessons to suit learning style, needs and timetable.

2. Small class size

3. Rainbow ImmersionTM is a unique program of didactic and cultural activities developed over the years to provide authentic encounters with Spanish professionals from all walks of life, from a taxi driver to the Cuban ambassador in Madrid.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities to practice their Spanish and learn first hand about cultural differences (it is included in their program package but remains optional to avoid overload).

Medical Spanish courses for healthcare professionals

Our Medical Spanish Courses for healthcare professionals are highly appreciated among physicians, doctors, nurses and even medical students. Years of experience have consequently led our team of teachers to develop the Spanish for healthcare manual, which enables students to acquire specific language skills in a very short time.


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