Learn to speak Spanish

Learn to speak Spanish - Activities week 27

Learning by doing - the best way to learn to speak Spanish.
See below the after school activity program of the previous week.



Today a conference to give you the first steps into the wonderful and complex Art of Flamenco!

The content covers the subject in a comprehensive manner tailored to your learning process of the Spanish language, and aims to provide you a first contact with the origin, history and Flamenco artists.

Start to feel the magic!

..Duration approximately: 2
Duration approximately: 2 hours. *Book available



Spain was one of the first countries in Europe with a first National Park Act in 1916, which was concerned with the preservation of natural heritage. Currently, approximately 3.8 million hectares (6% of the total Spanish surface) have some form of protection of natural areas and within the European Union, Spain is one of the countries with the greatest amount of territory under some sort of protection.

..Duration approximately: 1
Duration approximately: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

This week in =elemadrid=, we will talk with an environmentalist about the natural wealth in Spain, the education of the Spanish in relation to the environment and the ecological impact of disasters like the sinking of the Prestige.



Madrid is the capital of Spain since 1561. In its ancient history we meet the Arabic Madrid, the Christian Madrid and the Madrid of the Austrians. During this excursion we will see those cultures reflected in some of the unique squares and streets of Madrid we are going to walk through. We will see the monuments representing the city like the rests of the Arabic wall, the Casa de la Villa and the Palacio Real. Ready for discoveries?

..Duration approximately: 1
Duration approximately: 1 hour and 30 minutes. *Book for free



Every Thursday, the students have the opportunity to eat with the teachers of =elemadrid= and continue practicing Spanish. This week we go to a typical Madrilenian tavern very close to the school. You can check the menu of the day at school!

Madrid, besides having its own traditional dishes, is a city where you can easily find the great variety (do not only reduce it to the Valencian Paella and the Andalucian Gazpacho!) of the Spanish cuisine.

..Duration approximately: 1
Duration approximately: 1 hour and 30 minutes.



In =elemadrid=, you have the opportunity to discuss and analyse the great films of the Spanish cinemas.

Crimen Ferpecto is one of the movies by the Spanish director Alex de la Iglesia.

A Spanish comedy crime with a very special humor.

..Duration approximately: 2
Duration approximately: 2 hours.

Practice Spanish program!
A comprehensive cultural approach to Spain.
The part you miss when studying Spanish at home
"For an adult learner it is very difficult to match a program so well organized and executed.
One can find good teachers, and good books in many places, but to have these combined with a very interesting set of cultural activities every day..."

Soraya,1943, Retired Registered Nurse, USA, 2 weeks.

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- All levels
- Dedicated adult learners
- Healthcare sector
- Business
- Start every 2 weeks
- Duration 1-16 weeks
- Min age 20 years
- Full lodging program
- Extracurricular program

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