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The best way to speak Spanish with locals: Hobby Courses

..Learning Spanish as a han
Learning Spanish as a hands on experience

Socializing is a big part of your learning abroad experience. =elemadrid= encourages you to take advantage of your stay abroad to participate in activities in order to speak Spanish during activities with local people. Take up a new hobby or practice your favorite one. The more you socialize with locals the more you will speak Spanish and the richer your experience, your vocabulary, your Spanish learning experience as a whole.
Get out there and do it. !

A sample of the leisure courses available through =elemadrid=. Once In Madrid the school will assist you in signing up for the courses of your choice, offered by different schools, art or dance studios in Madrid. Some courses require a minimum level of Spanish: 1= beginner, 2= elementary, 3= intermediate.


Classes take place in a cooking school in Madrid: 2 hour session/20€. If you always wanted to know how to make a Spanish tortilla, a codido Madrileño or a gaspacho, here is your opportunity. Level 3


Curious about Spanish wines and the art of wine tasting? Would like to be able to taste the difference between a Gran Reserva, a Reserva and a tempranillo? You can join other students in these courses which take place in the cellar of a local wine store. Wines from the Rioja are the most known and appreciated in Spain however, many other regions produce wonderful wines such as Ribera del Duero. 48 €/2 sessions of 2 hours each. Level 3


If you are keen on drawing and painting, these classes in groups of 8-10 students will provide a hands on experience of Art in Spain, among Spaniards who share the same interest. 1 to 2 sessions of 2 hours/week: 12€ /2hours and 18€ /4


Introduction to Spanish pottery in the historical center of Madrid. You will be able to enjoy a relaxing time chatting with Spaniards around a table while doing pottery. 2 hour session=9€. Level 2


Flamenco, Sevillanas, Tango, Salsa, Merengue and more dance classes offered in various schools in Madrid. If the group is big enough Tango classes often take place at =elemadrid=. Any number of weeks, 1-3 hours/week, prices range from 6 to 12 € hour. Level 1


Introduction to the world of fashion in Spain: The Cibeles fashion show in Madrid is quite an event for all the new up and coming Spanish designers. Zara and Mango are examples of stores that sell fashion at a reasonable price. Come and learn about dress codes in Spain, the new designers, the Industry etc . It's a 12 hour course distributed over 2 weeks= 10 €/hour. Level 3

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