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Medical Spanish language courses in Spain.
Spanish course for healthcare professionals in Madrid.

Growing demand for medical Spanish language courses in Spain from health care professionals and several years of experience have led =elemadrid= teachers to produce a specialised language manual and specialised Spanish course offering language skill development for physicians, doctors and nurses enabling them to better communicate in Spanish regarding diagnosis, symptoms, treatment etc..

medical spanish course

Students from all over the world sign up for private instruction or for a general group course with an additional number of private Spanish lessons for healthcare per week.

Minimum proficiency level required for participation in this courses: lower intermediate.

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Learning goals Content
This Spanish course enables healthcare professionals to understand and communicate in real situations of their work environment, understand basic Spanish vocabulary related to healthcare, master grammar structures and functional basics, and have a better idea about the Spanish healthcare system. - Logical order (vocabulary, prevention, diseases...) not related to the linguistic level.
- The topics of interests can be chosen by the student, they do not follow an imposed structure.
- Grammatical annotations are integrated in each lesson.
- A set of functional structures are included in a repertory section.

Course types

Students interested in specialized language programs have the following options regarding the choice of the course format:

Course types Details
Combination of group & private instruction(C5 or C10) During the intensive Spanish group course you extend and deepen your general Spanish language skills. In the additional private Spanish classes you focus on medical Spanish language. You may choose course types C5, C10 or you may add any number of private lessons to your group course.
Private Instruction (P) Tailor-made program according to your specific needs. Private lessons can be focused on general Spanish and/or Spanish for doctors/nurses.
Complementary option:

Take advantage of the free Intercambio service to arrange additional conversations with native speakers from Madrid.
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"...for professionals who are serious about learning Spanish.

Penny, 1956, Public Health Physician, Australia

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