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Spanish school Spain: Your first day

..Bettina, our admissions o
Bettina, our admissions officer welcoming students on the first day

=elemadrid= is happy to welcome you and wishes you a pleasant stay in our Spanish school in Spain. We will do our best to make your first day as stress free as possible. To help you get an idea of what takes place on that day please read the schedule below. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us. Read about A Typical Day

when who what to expect
8:00 Administration Welcoming students and hand out of written test.
8:10-8:55 Two teachers while students are completing their written test they are called one by one for the interview.
8:55-9:00 Head Teacher assigns each student to his/her group
9:00-10:40 New Students join the other students in the group assigned to them, for grammar class (2 X 50 min.)
10:40-11:00 All students Coffee break
11:00-12:40 All students go to their conversation class (different teacher for 2 X 50 min.)
12:40-13:00 -Director
-Adm. Staff
-*Al pueblo
make a presentation of the school and its programs. Al Pueblo will inform you about the saturday excursions.
13:00 All students Lunch break
13:30 Some students have a private class(*time may vary)
*Al Pueblo is an outsourced company offering excursions to =elemadrid= students(in Spanish).

Read about A Typical Day in =elemadrid=

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