Spanish immersion program

Spanish immersion program: The outdoor activities

Spanish immersion

Language learning tuned guided excursions are an important feature of our Spanish immersion program. Read here to get an idea of the great variety of excursions planned weekly.

A Flamenco School

We will visit a class of young artists who dream of becoming successful flamenco dancers, to learn more about the art of flamenco which is not only a traditional dance, music or singing but also a cultural heritage with its own place in Spanish culture.

Looking for an apartment

Truly didactic, this excursion provides you literally with the essence of what a Spanish immersion program implies: You will experience a real search for an apartment in Madrid. You will learn not only the vocabulary but the questions to ask to gather the information necessary to rent an apartment in Madrid. We will visit an apartment for rent and will take a closer look at issues such as: Price, size, conditions, style and a Spanish family's way of life.

Museo del Prado

A visit you can't miss. It's considered one of the world best galleries of the world with its more than 3000 paintings. It is the most frequently visited building in Madrid. Get a practical Spanish language class through art.

The origins of Madrid

We'll take a walk through the heart of the city to learn about its history, evolution and the urban development of the center of Madrid.

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