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Patricia is a professional flamenco dancer. She grew up in Madrid and has been passionate about flamenco dancing since she was a child. Contrary to what one could expect, her family is not from Andalucia. Indeed she was born and raised in Madrid but always had a strong feeling for the art of flamenco, a true passion. One of our interview guests for the Practice Immersion, program, Patricia has always enjoyed the feedback she gets from our students. At the end of each interview she usually gives a small demonstration, leaving the students wishing for more! So she decided to offer a 2 hour course.

at =elemadrid= How it works
the first hour:
for the first 10 minutes a series of warm up exercises. After practicing hill toe, hill toe...exercises and some hip and hand movements you put everything to music and practice some more.
the second hour: you review the steps, hand, and body movements learned earlier, adding more steps and moves. You'll finish the class with a small choreography with music and you'll leave with a better idea of how it feels to be a flamenco dancer!
Price: 15 EUR for a two hour session.
*You won't turn professional in two sessions but you'll definitely get to experience first hand the passion of the art of flamenco!
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Flamenco Patricia

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