Cooking with Concha

Concha is a former restaurant owner and chef from Madrid. Once a week she opens her kitchen to 4 - 8 students for a Spanish cooking class. She enjoys the intercultural exchange. Many students =elemadrid=stay in touch with her long after the course is over, some have even come back and visited her in Madrid. She is friendly and very knowledgeable about gastronomy and wines.

spanish cuisine

Students can participate actively in the whole process from preparation to cooking, or simply watch. What ever you choose to do, at Concha’s house you are guarantied to share good laughs and interesting conversations in Spanish. An enjoyable culinary and social experience!

Time A cooking experience under Concha 's supervision
18:00-18:30 Concha's daughter or her husband will come to =elemadrid= to pick you up and take you to their house by subway: about a 20 minute ride!
Appetizers Concha welcomes you to her home. Invites you to some appetizers and drinks. Then it's time to introduce yourselves and chat before getting to "work"! Ready?
time to cook! First, Concha recruits volunteer kitchen helpers!
Following her example and instructions you will make:
1. Sangria (wine and pieces of fruit drink)
2. Tortilla de Patatas (potatoes and eggs)
3. Paella (dish of rice, chicken and seafood etc.)
4. Dessert is prepared at the same time as the paella!
Time to eat! Keeping the best for last: you will have a chance to share an authentic Spanish meal cooked by you and your fellow students, with Concha’s help and supervision. Concha talks a lot, which is good for your listening skills, however, being conscious of it, she chooses to wait for the end of the meal, before joining you at the table.
Around 22:30 Concha will accompany you to the subway, bus or taxi. She goes out of her way to make sure everyone gets home safely. An evening to remember and Spanish cooking skills to put into practice when you get home. Enjoy!
*This activity carries an extra charge of 25 EUR. which you pay directly to Concha. only facilitates the=elemadrid= activity to give you yet another opportunity to experience true immersion in the Spanish culture and language.
Cooking Concha

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