Business Spanish course for professionals and executives in Spain

Business Spanish for executives & professionals

spanish for business

This section is for people who need a business Spanish course in Spain to focus on very particular areas of need and interest .

1.The specialised Spanish business programis always given in the course format of private lessons. After consulting the client, we put together a carefully tailored program. Depending on the learning objective of the client, we will recommend a combination of group classes with an additional number of private Spanish lessons or a totally personalised Spanish language training.

2.We can include company documentation provided by you in the program, and we can also prepare case studies based on material provided by you.

3. All our individual Spanish for work programs include a detailed needs analysis leading to a carefully tailored training program ensuring that we maintain complete focus on specifically identified areas of need.

Intensive Spanish language classes for:

Business Secretary, Management, Executives.
Tourism Industry Guides, Travel Agents, Hotels, Restaurants
Security Agents Immigration Officers
Clerics Priests
Airline Cabin Crew Pilots, Flight-attendants.
Social Workers
Health Care Professionals To view our specialized programs click Medical Spanish for health care
International Relations and Politics We developped a program for professionales working in international organizations, international relations and politics in general

Facts & Summary

1. All Spanish for Work language training is given in the format of private classes, which can be individually added to general Spanish group courses.

2.We will propose you a Spanish program based on a detailed needs analysis, indicating the daily time of private (and if necessary, group) courses.

3. Rainbow Immersion starting approx. 16:30. Monday - Friday.

N.B: Spanish for Work courses are not available for beginners.

Further Recommendations

Socialise with Spaniards!
The learning progress of your Spanish language course in Madrid is directly linked to your personal amount of real Spanish language practice in Spain. You can considerably boost your progress by engaging in as many activities as possible.

Participate in Rainbow!
Clients requiring specialized training for job purposes are usually involved in some kind of professional interaction with counterparts in a Spanish speaking country. Therefore, we particularly recommend to them, regular participation in our Rainbow Immersion program providing valuable first hand experiences with Spain, its people and mentality.


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