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To learn Spanish Spain offers tasty options:

Enjoy a weekly lunch with our teachers:
in a typical cafeteria, a fancy tavern or a restaurant.

To learn Spanish

To learn Spanish Spain and it's people offer innumerable practice opportunities. Spanish language study does not end when the bell rings! Rainbow Immersion program offers cultural and social activities in the afternoon for students to get the maximum of Spanish practice in the real Spanish speaking environment.

One of these regular activities is lunch with teachers. Every week students are invited to have lunch with some teachers of =elemadrid= at a local restaurant close to the school. Usually this is on Thursdays*. Students and teachers choose from a set menu called "menu del dia". The price for an all-included-meal is between 10 and 12 Euros.

The primary goal of this event is to provide students with an additional opportunity to practice Spanish. At the same time students especially appreciate this social event for the informal setting it offers to talk about all the things they always wanted to ask: regarding school-matters, the weekend, where to go, tips and more.

If you like the idea of learning by doing and you want to learn Spanish Spain and particularly Madrid offer an incredible amount of efficient, rewarding and memorable options, 365 days a year. This is one of the core principles =elemadrid= is built on.

"Tailored and professional language training for the student or professional, who really wants to learn. Though taught in a relaxed and fun environment, the staff of =elemadrid= matches each student with..."

Eric, 1960, Marketing Director, USA, 1 week.

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