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Socialising in a Spanish speaking environment is part of your homework of the Spanish Courses in elemadrid.
Day-today Spanish speaking skills only improve with practice! =elemadrid= Spanish school Spain has prepared more interesting activities for you.

1. Intercambio 'Conversation Exchange'

Learn Spanish by choosing your favourite conversation partner among the large list of 'madrileños' waiting to chat to you, as additional practice to the Spanish classes.

Learn to talk Spanish simply by talking to native speakers!

2. Professional colleague meeting service

What about a conversation date with a professional 'Madrileño' from your field of work? Talking business with the business men from Madrid will do wonders for your business vocab and overall confidence when you return to work.

3. Spanish Leisure courses

Practice your favourite hobby and mingle with the locals whilst practising your favourite sport or simply talking about Spain.

What about Spanish flamenco courses or cooking the Spanish cuisine?

4. Discover Spain

Discover quaint Spanish towns and villages around Madrid with other Spanish students and local guides.

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