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Christmas 2010 in Madrid: A Spanish Course With =elemadrid= !
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In the morning (9-12:40) you will attend the Spanish course of your choice.
In the afternoon (after 4pm) we will guide you through our PRACTICE ACTIVITIES.
On both Saturdays you are invited to join guided excursions to nearby historical towns.

Enjoy the particular charm of Madrid and get to know how the lively Madrileños live their permanent movida at X-Mas and end of year time. The afternoon activities also focus on the traditional celebration of Christmas, the welcoming of the New year and the epiphany parade. A total immersion both in the Spanish language and traditions awaits you in Madrid.

The table here below shows the AFTERNOON PRACTICE ACTIVITIES of our Rainbow Immersion Program (=Course Rs, included in several course types) during the penultimate and last weeks of 2010:


Penultimate Week of 2010
from Dec. 20 to Dec. 24

Last Week of 2010
from Dec. 27 to Jan. 31

Lecture: X-Mas in Spain: Traditions and customs during the Christmas holidays in Spain; with tips for restaurants, feasts and other events during the Year-End-Holidays.

Lecture: Religion in Spain: Spain is today a mainly Catholic country but with a secular State and where minorities of other religions coexist. At this conference we will discuss the history of religion in Spain with special attention to Arab and Jewish people and the role they played in the past, The Inquisition and the presence of religion in the civil war and dictatorship.
Excursion: Madrid at Christmas Time: Historical center of Madrid and typical Christmas-Market on Plaza Mayor.

Interview: The Magician: A Spanish magician will talk about his training, shows and curiosities about the history and the world of professional magicians. While chatting with us he will show us a demonstration of his skills.

Wednesday Media Session- 'Volver': Projection of a film with a previous analysis on vocabulary, plot, actors and director. Media Session-'El Laberinto del Fauno': Projection of a film with a previous analysis on vocabulary, plot, actors and director.
Thursday Bon Appétit: Students and teachers enjoy a meal together in a restaurant near the school (meal price not included).

Interview: A Sommelier: An expert sommelier who works for a major winery in the Rioja will talk about the famous Spanish wines. What wines are to be reccomended? Which ones are the best?What is Spain's international position in the production of wine? And many other curiosities to expand your knowledge and for practicing spanish.
Bon Appétit: Students and teachers enjoy a meal together in a restaurant near the school (meal price not included).

Debate: Monarchy in Spain: Are you interested in the modern and contemporary history of Spain which is affected by a great number of different kings?
Beginning with the ‘Reyes Católicos´ to the actual king Juan Carlos I you will get to know virtues and mistakes,glory and misery caused by kings who have ruled Spain.

Friday Lecture: 50 Palabras en español y una letra desesperada: Who studies a foreign language memorizes more or less ten words a day- but isn´t it more interesting to know the histories that these words hide? The etymology and meaning which you cannot find in the dictionary?
You will get to know a story with words that hide taboos, political oppression, unjustice, love, beauty- 50 Spanish words you won´t forget!
Excursion: Madrid of the Bourbons: The historical part of Madrid called "the monumental Madrid" or "Madrid of the Bourbons"
Saturday: Guided excursion to Segovia. (extra fee) Guided excursion to Toledo. (extra fee)
..Christmas market - Poinse
Christmas market - Poinsettia
..Chulapos at the Christmas
Chulapos at the Christmas market
A "Chulapo" selling barquillos
..Plaza Mayor at night
Plaza Mayor at night
..Christmas lights in Calle
Christmas lights in Calle Arenal
..Sol-Three friends with co
Sol-Three friends with colored wigs
..Colorful wigs/toys etc!
Colorful wigs/toys etc!
..Plaza Mayor -  Sunday nig
Plaza Mayor - Sunday night!

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