Sprachaufenthalt in Spanien - Sprachferien in Madrid

Warum ein Sprachaufenthalt in Spanien ?
Warum Spanisch in Spanien lernen ?

 Warum Sprachaufenthalt

Kommunikation in Spanisch als Ziel

In Spain your learning does not stop when you leave the classroom, on the contrary, that's when it really starts. You are all of a sudden plunged into the Spanish world and have to manage situation by situation your communication goals and needs.

Understanding and delivering messages appropriately is the essence of the exciting adventure awaiting you in Spain. Mastering the maximum amount of real life situations to achieve communication is the goal.

Ein Spanischkurs in Spanien bei =elemadrid=

=elemadrid= designed its study Spanish in Spain abroad program to meet these goals and facilitate learning in the Spanish speaking environment. It may be true that you learn more being in the country, however, just being in a classroom in the target country doesn't do it. The difference lies in having the opportunity to apply right away what you've learned, to take to the street to test it and learn from people's reaction.

=elemadrid= provides you with the didactic tools and an afternoon program filled with opportunities to practice what you've learned with Spaniards, through conferences, lectures and excursions. See Rainbow Immersion TM on how to maximize your learning of language and culture in Madrid.

Perspektiven der Kunden

Spanish study abroad is more demanding because you have to communicate in Spanish, while finding new culturally adequate strategies to seek out interactions.

Some students find it difficult to accept not being prepared and totally in control of the whole learning process. Most professionals are used to being at the top in their field and starting at the bottom demands a lot of patience.

Learning management in a Spanish course abroad organizes motivating activities in order to provide the feeling of success at each proficiency level of the learning process.

Perspektiven der Lehrer

One of the teachers primary function is to encourage discovery, as well as the development of a sense of adventure, a willingness to submerge in the environment and communicate. The role of the instructor is also to support students in their determination to seek out learning on their own.

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