Spanish Language Course for Health Care Professionals

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This Spanish language course is specifically designed for health care professionals who have basic conversational skills in Spanish and who want to use Spanish in their clinical work. The course is appropriate for clinicians working in both hospital settings and in primary health care settings, specialists and public health professionals. Whilst it has been designed specifically for doctors it is also appropriate for nurses and allied health professionals.

The course is structured around the clinical process of history-taking, examination, tests, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. It is exercise-based and manages to integrate the vocabulary and grammar relevant to each stage of the clinical process. For example, there is a significant difference between giving an opinion, offering advice and giving instructions. They are all relevant and important in the interactions between health care professionals and patients and require an understanding of the use of the past tense, imperativo, condicional and subjuntivo in Spanish. The two authors, Pilar González Manjavacas and Delores González Martínez, are both highly experienced Spanish Language teachers who are based in Madrid at the Elemadrid language school. Delores González Martínez is well known for her introductory grammar text ´Gramática Lola´.

This is not a course for beginners. You need to have a grasp of basic grammar before you undertake the course. Effectively this means you know how to conjugate regular and irregular verbs in past, present and future tenses. If you are a health care professional just starting to learn Spanish it is advisable that you do an introductory course before undertaking this more advanced course. Equally, to get best value from this course it is recommended you work with a language teacher. It is not designed for self-study. It is designed for interactive study with a teacher, whether in individual classes or in a group setting. The complete course requires approximately 80 hours of class time, but it can be done in sections. For example, if you only have two weeks of vacations it would be possible to complete half of the course with 4 hours a day of class time.

This course is to be highly recommended.
Dr Penny Miller, Public Health Physician

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